Gartner estimates that 50-60% of companies still use Excel for planning in some part of the enterprise.

Even in a company where Finance may have a planning solution, there are many departments that still rely on spreadsheets to do their planning.

Do you know how much the pervasive use of spreadsheets is costing your business? Everyone loves the use of spreadsheets for personal use and analysis, but do you realize the hidden cost of using a spreadsheet as your main budgeting and planning solution? There are a multitude of case studies that outline where spreadsheets break down when companies try to substitute them for an enterprise solution. Issues arise around errors in data and formulas, high cost of maintaining them and lack of strong security. IBM has experience with fixing the pains associated with using spreadsheets, we have over 6400 successful planning customers, and an industry leading solution available on the cloud. We can have you up and running in production in 60 days.

Spreadsheets will always be a favorite tool for budgeting and planning across every line of business – Why?

For the reasons above, the following problems are typically ignored

Spreadsheet Chaos” a never-ending list of costly errors

IBM offers a proven, enterprise budgeting/forecasting solution, on the cloud, for any size department or company. The Performance Management Cloud solution resolves all of the errors and pain associated with spreadsheet budgeting systems.